First blog post

First blog post

Hi friends. I created this site to tell you of ways that I have used to get by on a very small income. Living in California is pretty expensive and it doesn’t help that most of their grocery stores don’t double coupons. I still love using coupons as they do save me a great amount of money but I’ve also found ways to make extra money. One thing I’m doing right now is looking for recyclables in public trash cans. Not digging (as I’m scared of needles and dog poop!) but just looking at the top of trash cans for them. I get a lot of curious looks from passerby and told that I “don’t look the type” but I pay no mind. I mean I’m doing an honest day’s job.

If you want to make anywhere from $10-$30 dollars a day by looking for recyclables, here are some guidelines:

  1. If you can, use gloves. It’ll keep your hands from getting dirty.

2.  If you can’t wear gloves or just simply don’t want to, carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands with soap and water at the nearest fast food restaurant.

3. DON”T DIG in the trash can, unless you have a stick or some other tool to look through the garbage. There are sometimes used needles thrown in the trash can and you don’t want to get poked. There’s also often dog poop and other nasty stuff.

4. Avoid residential trash cans as some people get mad when they see a total stranger going through their trash and in some places it is illegal for you to do so.

5. Get yourself some sturdy Hefty trash bags to carry what you find.

6. Wear dark clothing that you might just use for lounging around